What clients say

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Jenna is a wonderful soul with incredibly warm eyes that make you feel comfortable immediately. I was really nervous about my first time meeting Jenna virtually, but she creates a warm and gentle environment that put me at ease immediately. Jenna has helped me to look at things in my life in different perspectives. I’ve had a lot of “ A -Ha!” Moments, she’s an amazing sounding board, and is full of knowledge and tools to help you on your journey. I’m so happy I connected with Jenna, and I look forward to having her by my side (virtually) throughout my life.

I found Jenna after asking for a new counsellor who was trained in CBT. I had tried counselling with different providers in the past, so I was shocked at how much new knowledge and confidence I gained working with Jenna. She is an expert at asking the exact right questions or finding the root issues I need to address, and helping identify solutions to help me tackle them.

I’ve now been telling tons of friends and family about how her approach has helped me make sense of things that used to bother me endlessly, and how she has not only been shockingly perceptive, but also a source of compassion throughout my interactions with her. An added bonus is Jenna’s flexibility with scheduling, which makes it easy for me to find times to meet with her outside of my work hours, whenever I need to. I can’t recommend her enough!